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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Best known US TV news channel gives up best known US news agency

I don't think this is good news. My concern is not so much for CNN's output, but that it will weaken the AP.

The AP has a deserved high reputation for international news coverage. Losing such a major client as CNN might encourage others to drop their AP subscription. It becomes a vicious circle - less funding for the AP means a poorer service, hence other customers may depart...


  1. It doesn't mean an end to good news agency material, merely that there will be less reliance on the US. And that can't be a bad thing.

    My favourite news agency is Pakistan's entertainingly useless APP, which once ran the fabulous headline "POLICE THROW ROCKS AT RIOTING LAWYERS". You couldn't make it up; and in fact they hadn't...

  2. Kenya's KNA used to specialise in animal stories (snake in pit latrine, two-headed goat born, etc) and typos.

    My favourite of the latter was: "Police demand brides from motorists".

    Sudan's SUNA always began its transmissions with a seemingly endless stream of SUNA SUNA SUNA SUNA SUNA SUNA SUNA ...

    One day, the operator fed the telex tape (anyone else remember that?) into the machine backwards...